The /now page is a great idea by Derek Sivers. This one is mine.


As of March 16th, 2024:

Currently immersed in “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention” by Johann Hari, a highly recommended read for anyone grappling with attention and distractions. I’ve also delved into “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle, exploring mindfulness and presence.

Life has undergone significant changes since my last update in March 2020, with the most notable being my newfound role as a father to two beautiful girls, Alice and Mathylda.

At Ragnarson, exciting developments are underway as we’ve recently welcomed a stellar Head of Delivery, allowing me to delegate a significant portion of my responsibilities. Our vision of becoming a one-stop-shop for climate tech startups remains unwavering, and we’ve proudly backed 8 promising ventures in our investment portfolio.

Despite navigating the challenges of the 2024 tech market alongside my family responsibilities, I find myself contending with burnout. However, I am grateful for the wide support network comprising colleagues, business partners, and loved ones, which provides a sense of safety and resilience during this time.