Mariusz Pietrzyk

Me in 30 seconds

My name is Mariusz (wijet). I enjoy doing things that make a difference. I feel good when learning about the world and bettering myself.

After reaching the age of reason (around 26 years in my case) I found out that plain motivation doesn’t work for me and started to “trick” myself into going to the gym, spending quality time with other people, reading books and eating healthily.

I love motorcycles, cheese & red wine and occasionally DIY.

My life’s work - Ragnarson

I’m building one of the first self-managed companies in Poland - Ragnarson.

We are doing this on the premise that people are smart enough to make their own choices and don’t need managers, bosses or supervisors to tell them what to do.

The company is fully transparent, employees see the whole budget with colleagues’ rates, clients’ rates and my salary as the owner - basically all the expenses and all the revenue streams.

Together, we have defined our shared values. Based on those values, financial context and our mission, the team defines its OKRs, hires and fires and takes care of the clients from the first call.

Every member of the company sets their own salary and nobody interferes.

We have been a remote first company from the very beginning. However, we do have two offices - one in Łódź and one in Berlin.

We are a software development agency that has been on the market since 2006. Right now we explore fully decentralized systems and Blockchain ecosystem.

More about my career

I’ve been with Ragnarson for more than ten years.

I started my career as a Junior Ruby developer in 2007, while still an undergraduate. In 2010 I got my Master’s degree in Computer Science with a Master’s thesis about the upcoming age of cloud computing.

The same year at Ragnarson we bootstrapped our first product called Shelly Cloud. Back then we didn’t even know what a startup was. It was the first Heroku-like Ruby hosting in Poland and one of the few in Europe.

It was a great project to work on. However, our heavy focus on the technical side and user experience left marketing and sales almost unattended to.

We were developing the platform for more than 6 years with a team of up to 10 people. We grew past 100 paying customers and hundreds of virtual servers.

In the end we broke even and after unsuccessful attempts to secure financing we shut the project down to focus solely on building Ragnarson.

It was the greatest entrepreneurship lesson I could have imagined, leaving me with lifelong friends, some of whom are now my colleagues at Ragnarson.

Who do I learn from?

Check out my Goodreads profile. I also follow a few authors outside of Goodreads that influenced me the most. In no particular order:

I also enjoy Cortex podcast and entertaining videos from CGP Grey.

Contact me rocket :)

I love hearing from people. Checkout contact me page.